Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

It’s great you finally decided to set sail towards the wonderful world of fish care and of course which comes with a fish tank. But before diving in, may we suggest you a few of the best 10-gallon fish tanks in the market today?

Here are the Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks:

Aqueon Deluxe Aquarium Kit

fish tanksFirst on the list is the Aqueon Deluxe Aquarium Kit – the most ideal 10-gallon fish tank for beginners and hobbyists alike. The whole kit provides all the basic needs for a sustainable habitat for salt-water, or for fresh-water critters of your choice.

The Aqueon Deluxe is available in a sleek black trim finish that can virtually fit in with any room in you home. The Aqueon Deluxe Aquarium Kit may be a bit pricey compared to other (beginner) aquarium kits, but it includes all the necessary tools to start your own marine sanctuary – Deluxe fluorescent hood, fluorescent bulb, water conditioner, digital thermometer, premium fish food, a fish net, and an easy-to-use Aqueon aquarium set-up and care guide book (available in three languages: EN, FR, ES).

The kit also includes a powerful bio-filter wheel that utilizes Aqueon’s QuietFlow technology, that makes its operation very silent – no buzzing or humming at night.

Marina Style 10 Deluxe Aquarium Kit by Hagen

Another suitable aquarium for the beginner fish owner is the Hagen Marina Style 10 Deluxe Aquarium Kit. Like the Aqueon, it comes as a kit which includes all the necessary tools to let the water flowing, so to speak. The kit includes a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter, quick-change filter cartridges, an incandescent canopy and bottom frame with two 15-watt clear bulbs, a fish net, thermometer, Nutrafin Max fish food, Nutrafin Aquaplus and Nutrafin Cycle water conditioners.

The Nutrafin Aquaplus and Cycle water conditioners are two essential products by Hagen to keep the water healthy for the fish. Aquaplus removes harmful substances like chlorine and heavy metals in the water while Cycle acts as a biological supplement that promotes a healthier environment for the fish.

Like the Aqueon, the Hagen Marina Style 10 Delux is suitable for beginners – even for children (set-up and application of water conditioners will need adult assistance).

Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit

As the moon suggests, the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium is shaped like a semi-circle. This unique shape that segues away from the traditional rectangular box of a fish tank, will not only look good in any room, but it would ultimately prove to be safer for children. Traditional box fish tanks may have sharp corners that may inflict injury. Children as we know them, like to peer in as close as possible to the aquarium – sometimes sticking their face onto the glass surface. It also has a clear lid that offers unobstructed views. Instead of having fluorescent bulbs for lighting, it includes an advanced (and more efficient) LED light fixture.

It’s almost the same price as the Aqueon Deluxe but it lacks in terms of tools included in the kit. The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit only includes a Whisper 10i submersible cartridge-based water filtration system, and a 50-watt heater.

SeaClear Mini Kit

The SeaClear Mini Kit is one of the most compact 10-gallon fish tanks available today. Like the Tetra Half Moon, it features a shape different from the typical 4-sided rectangle of a fish tank. The SeaClear Mini Kit features a flat-back hexagon shape that allows optimum views even on peripheral angles.

Its walls are not made of glass but of a tough plastic compound called acrylic. Acrylic glass is a lighter alternative to real glass – so it does not put any additional pressure to the surface the fish tank is displayed on. Plus, acrylic is shatter-proof, thus child-proof. The acrylic glass’s seams are molecularly bonded and heated, and are not adhered only by glue.

Because acrylic is impervious to salt water, it is ideal not only for fresh-water marine animals, but for salt-water ones as well. The SeaClear Mini Kit includes a canopy with light fixture, an integrated stand, external power filter, fish food, fish net, and water conditioner. It also includes free plastic plants for aesthetics. All it needs now is gravel, water, and fish; and your aquarium is good to flow.

AquaScape Octagon Acrylic Aquarium

For the more suitable aquarium for the experienced fish owner, AquaScape Octagon Acrylic Aquarium. The octagon-shaped 10 gallon aquarium is suitable for any table space, including desks, and even as a centerpiece for dining tables. This table top aquarium features no visible wires, hoses, filters, or any other equipment in the tank, as if it is a simple octagon jar that held fish.

Its self-contained and concealed filtration and lighting system makes this aquarium particularly innovative and attractive as well. Its seamless acrylic 360° view will make you admire all the fish in your table top sea from any angle. The acrylic material instead of the usual glass also provides a brighter view, and a lighter yet stronger wall.

AquaScape’s price is way beyond from the range of the beginner aquarium kits mentioned earlier – another reason why this fish tank is only a good investment for those who already are inclined to taking care of fish rather than those who are just beginning.

Best Fish For 10 Gallon Aquariums

10 gallon fish tanks are a common size choice for those who are just beginning to sail across the vast ocean of fishkeeping. 10 gallons offers ample space to support a variety of small fish, invertebrates, or frogs, yet it uses up only a fair amount of space.

Though being an ideal beginner fish tank, the variety of creatures that are ideal for this size is quite limited.

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Buy Ten Gallon Fish Tank

Why Buy a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Is your life a bit boring recently? Haven’t you got anything to do? The television’s been playing the same old sitcoms, the radio’s been playing the same old songs, and you’re too lazy to do some exercise or mow the lawn – there’s just nothing productive to do at home.

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