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Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Adding a concrete driveway will enhance the value and the look of your home. It is a great addition to any home. Here are some tips to maintain your driveway and how to preserve its great look.
After the initial construction of a concrete driveway, you need to seal it right away to protect its concrete surface. To maintain the sealant’s adequate protection you need to reapply the concrete sealant every one to two years.
Driveways are usually stained from tar, dirt, gasoline and oil products. Just use any regular scrubbing brush and dish soap can remove new oil stains. Do not use wire brushes when cleaning the driveway as these types of brushes can inflict damage to the concrete’s surface. Wash the stained area with a garden hose after scrubbing the stain. Other stains will be hard to remove. If this is the case, use a pressurized washer to get rid of stubborn stains.
Ice and snow removal
Remove snow build up from the driveway’s surface as soon as possible. When the snow freezes and thaws, the process can leave cracks on the concrete driveway. Do not use deicing fluids to help melt and remove the ice and snow from the driveway, because these types of fluids can seep into the concrete’s surface and create damage underneath the concrete. Use sand instead to add additional traction to an icy driveway.
It is best to reseal a concrete driveway during fall. This way, you have enough time to protect the surface before the winter season comes.
Avoiding weight
The typical concrete driveway is capable of withstanding the weight of a car, SUV or minivan. Avoid parking any heavy or larger motor vehicles on your driveway as they tend to have more pressure. You can have them parked outside your house on the street instead to avoid any potential damage to your driveway. You can always find a local concrete contractor near you to handle regular concrete driveway maintenance. Some of the advantages of hiring local qualified concrete contractors are that you know that your driveway is protected from damage utilizing the best products and skills required to do the job. You can always check with a local area concrete contractor and see if they offer on-going concrete driveway maintenance to help your concrete driveway and also your home looking great for the years to come.