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Average Cost of a Tree Surgeon

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Average Costs in Europe and USA

If you’re in market for some tree removal services than you are probably wondering about the cost. Tree Removal services are not cheap that’s for sure but with proper knowledge and some guidelines you will be just fine. Professional services are provided by many nowadays and to get the best deal out of any one them you must have some idea about the average cost per tree removal. Here we will guide you through all the initials you need to know.
The cost merely depends on a couple of factors, the type of services you have in mind and the time it will take. Mostly the average cost of removing a tree varies from $150 to $1500 or similar in Europe varying from about 200 Euros to 1500 Euros and around a 400 Euro average.  The US average is around $500.  To see more of costs to get a Tree surgeon or arborist see  In some cases you will find a basic package which is to cut down the tree into manageable pieces and then are dragged away. Companies might charge you extra for the dragging part. Also you must know that basic tree removal doesn’t include stump removal too so you will have to negotiate and get a deal that includes this too. Otherwise you will be stuck with a large stump that will cause many issues.

Size and The cost

Among other factors the most important of them all is the size of the tree. Cost varies largely based on the size. So for a tree up to 25 feet tall the cost varies from $150 to $500. Whereas for a tree between 25 and 75 feet varies from $200 to $1000. And then the price jumps to $1500 for 75 feet and above. For more info on US tree services cost, go to:   Be very careful and get the size of the tree double checked before signing any contract. Other factors include the diameter, the location of the tree, its condition etc. Though you might be charged more for a fallen tree.

Stump Removal and Pruning

For Stump Removal the average cost is $165 which may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. It is one of the trickiest of jobs and you should never try it yourself. Trimming and pruning might sound like easy work but they also need professional help from time to time. On average that will cost you around $50 to $1000 depending on the time it has been last pruned. So instead of avoiding these tree services you must get them done from time to time otherwise it costs a lot more if accidentally fallen or diseased.

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How To Do A Refrigerator Repair

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There are several reasons why you could be experiencing leakage from your refrigerator. The good news is that you can fix such problems at home without the need for calling an appliance repair company. Here are some tips to look out for.

Ice Maker

The ice maker is usually found at the back of the fridge. Locate it and check if there are leaks on the hose which connect to the water line. If this is the reason your fridge is leaking, try to tighten it or replace it if necessary. If the problem is not solved, check the seal on the connection for tears or cracks.

Drain Pan

Sometimes your fridge may leak as a result of a faulty drain pan. Check the drain pan for tears and cracks. If this is the problem, you can replace the pan or take it to an appliance repair service to get it fixed or replaced.

Drain tubes

Your fridge can leak if the drain tube is clogged. If this is the issue, remove the top part of the tube from the refrigerator and rinse it out in warm water. If you realize that some parts of the drain tubes are frozen, use a hair dryer to carefully melt those sections and then wash it in warm water.

Water filter

Refrigerators come with water filters which need to be checked regularly. Locate them to examine if they drip water or have any leaks. If they are damaged, you need to replace them or take them for repair or replacement. Also, check their connection to confirm if they are installed properly.

Defrost Drain

Any blockage in the defrost drain will definitely cause your fridge to leak. If the blocked defrost drain is the one causing the problem, simply remove it from the fridge and wash it out using hot water.

If you try all of these and the leakage problem is not solved, contacting a reputable appliance repair company who specialize in refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair and dishwasher repair will help you solve the problem.  For all your appliance repair needs in Austin TX go here.


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When it comes to gardening, flowers are more difficult to maintain compared to crops, lawns and backyards. With a little effort however, you can have a healthy flower garden that will not only be the envy of gardeners in your area but will appeal even to those who know nothing about gardening. Here is a look at how you can help your flower garden bloom.

The soil feeds the flowers

This is where your plants will be getting all the nutrients they need. Therefore it has to be made as rich in these nutrients as possible. An easy way to do this is to use organic material. This ranges from compost to the dung from animals like chicken and goats. If you are keeping any the better of you are. You could also use fertilizers to improve the nutrients of the soil. Among the commonest nutrients in fertilizer bags are phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. These are known to develop the root system, aid flower formation and promote foliage growth respectively. You could do a soil test to determine what nutrients are lacking.

Water is life

Just like humans, plants and moreso flowers require water to remain healthy. To determine if there is enough water, dig about 2 inches into the soil and water only if it is dry. In extreme water lack, the flowers will hang their heads and even begin withering. If watered often however, they will be beautiful and full of life. Do not use too much water to avoid making the roots soggy which could kill the plants.

Be on the lookout for pests, weeds and diseases

These are your flowers’ biggest enemies. Weeds are not only ugly but also compete with your plants for their nutrients. They also provide a habitat for pests which cause destruction leading to death of the flowers. Different plants can suffer different diseases and it is best to be on the lookout for the earliest signs which include leave holes, stem spotting, plants withering and so on. To get rid of pests and diseases make use of the appropriate chemical sprays. As for weeds you can spray them or use manual methods to pull them out. The trick here is to take action early!