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Ideas for Picking Trees To Grow

Varieties of Trees To Grow. written by: wandabo There are many different types of trees to grow, some of which are indigenous to one continent or even country, and some that are found almost everywhere around the world. This article looks at a few of the most popular types of trees and tells a little about each.

Willow Trees
Willow trees – or “weeping willows” are found on the banks of rivers where their branches often hang down into the water, thus giving the impression that they are weeping. Of course, what they are in fact doing is sucking up moisture from the river so that they rather cunningly get better fed and can enjoy a healthier existence.

Apple Trees
Apple trees are best the most popular type of tree in the world that bears fruit we can eat. This is because apples were considered the “forbidden” fruit in the Book of Genesis in the Bible and it was by tempting Adam with an apple that Eve caused the fall of man. Of course, although an apple is often assumed to be the fruit that tempted Adam, it has been suggested that it was merely symbolic and that it could have been any fruit. Apples are also iconic because they are the logo and name of one of the world’s largest IT companies. Whether the company and the fall of man are related is unproven.

Pine Trees
Pine trees are a particular favorite of children because they are – of course – also Christmas trees. At Christmas, we place gifts underneath them and then on Christmas Day unwrap the presents, which is why children have such a fond association with the tree. Part of the whole build up to Christmas centers round the tree and decorating it, with the high bushy branches being very useful for hanging decorations and ornaments from.

Oak Trees
Oak trees are symbolic of the countryside and are considered to be particularly robust and durable. They can grow to be tall and old, and they are very resistant to the sorts of fungal attacks that kill many other trees. The oak trees also now feature on the badge of the Conservative Party, as they want to be associated with all the right qualities of the tree.These are just a few of the many types of a tree there are worldwide, and you should now have an idea what they mean to various people.